3 Little Phrases That  END Tantrums
Once and For All?

If you ever feel like you’re walking on eggshells to avoid arguments, tantrums, and outbursts from your child… then the information you’ll find on this page could permanently transform your child into the most polite and respectful little angel you’ve ever met - finally restoring peace in your home!

Let me tell you a story...

One Tuesday morning at about 5:30am, Michelle awoke to the heart-wrenching sound of a screaming child.

She jolted out of bed and sprang into the living room to find the source of the terror.

Her son Seth (age 5) had crawled out of bed VERY early and was sitting on the floor in front of the TV.

He was shouting over and over again… “I want to watch TV NOW!”

Dumbfounded and exhausted, Michelle refused, insisting that he return to bed immediately.

Far from cooperating with her request, the boy burst into a fit and began to wail and flail on the floor in furious protest.
Truth be told, tantrums and outbursts like this were the norm in her household until…

Like Magic, Her Son Was Transformed
into a 
Polite, Happy, and Well-Behaved Child!

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As unbelievable as it might sound, today Michelle’s son Seth is now incredibly easy-going.

If you ask her friends and extended family they’ll say “it’s like he’s a new person!”

For Michelle, he’s the polite and well-mannered little boy she always hoped (and prayed) he would become.

But, she didn’t do it alone (I’ll tell you what she used in just a minute).

Michelle’s story is identical to so many parents I help on a daily basis.

Look, parenting really IS tough work. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

If you’re struggling to be a supportive and loving parent, work full-time, and have a life all at the same time, believe me… you’re NOT alone!

Sometimes we parents just get exhausted and overwhelmed and feel like throwing in the towel.

You know, lock yourself in your room to binge-watch Netflix with some noise canceling headphones and eat chocolate while your kids pass out watching cartoons in the other room.
Sometimes, you’re just not sure if you’re doing enough for them…

Not sure if you’re doing the RIGHT things to help them grow and thrive.

Believe me. I get it.

That’s why I’ve dedicated over a decade of study and practice to help thousands of parents just like Michelle and YOU with realistic solutions for the real-life behavior you face!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​And that’s why I’ve created another powerful set of tools for you that I call… 

3 Magic Phrases for Ending Tantrums
and Restoring Peace In Your Home

This beautifully simple audio series is designed to empower you with practical, actionable “Phrases” that shape and sculpt your children to grow closer together by learning how to communicate with firmness and compassion simultaneously.

Inside this short but powerful mini-training you’ll finally discover:

» The simple process taught by Board Certified Behavior Analysts that ENDS the cycle of yelling and meaningless repetition. No more repeating yourself until you’re blue in the face.

»  The “mirroring technique” that teaches your small being to take responsibility for what they say. No more flip flopping on every decision.

»  The seemingly allusive but totally logical trick that adds power to your words so your kids KNOW you mean business and act accordingly.

»  How to stand in your power and gracefully navigate negotiations (no matter how intense or embarrassing their pleas and protests).

»  Why offering clear, simple, and direct requests sets them up for success in life now and as they grow up.

»  5 scenarios where reinforcement can build The Automatic Good Behavior Response… and how if used improperly can trigger a wild avalanche of challenging behavior, tantrums, and uncontrollable meltdowns.

What? Were you never handed a copy of 
“How to Raise the Perfect Angel Child”?

None of us were!

That’s why I’m here to provide you with the powerful tools to make the long road ahead more smooth and fun for you and your small beings!

With The 3 Magic Phrases for Ending Tantrums and Restoring Peace In Your Home, EVERYTHING changes for you today.

If you’re at the end of your rope, desperate for solutions to correct the negative behavior of your small beings…

This little audio series will be a power shift into high behavioral gear for you.

Or if you just want techniques to nip occasional challenging behaviors in the bud…

This audio series is also perfect for you.

Picture this…


You’re connecting with your children in a way that feels empowering and peaceful instead of frustrating and angry.

​​​​​​​You’re giving instructions and getting instant cooperation. They’re even respectful and happy to do what you ask (sounds crazy, I know).

​​​​​​​You just know with certainty that you’re infusing them with good behavior and communication skills, setting them up for success in the world - no matter what the future holds.​​​​​​​

If that sounds like the life you envision for you and your family, click the button below to get The 3 Magic Phrases for Ending Tantrums and Restoring Peace In Your Home right now.


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Your digital bundle includes…

3 Members-Only Audio Trainings for Each Magic Phrase

3 Members-Only Video Trainings for Parents for Each Magic Phrase
3 Members-Only Video Trainings for Children for Each Magic Phrase

 » Magic Phrase #1: Speak With Purpose, Words Matter

» Magic Phrase #2: Do More, Actions Count

»  Magic Phrase #3: Choose Honey, Perspective is Powerful

Plus these FREE bonuses!
» A PDF “Quick Reference Reminder Page” for the Audio Trainings

»  Email Education Series Packed with Inspiration and Behavior Transformation Tips

Remember, these are all digital resources I’ve prepared for you and you can start accessing them immediately today (no waiting around to get anything in the mail). You’re hitting the ground running with these powerful tools NOW.

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Alternatively, you could let your small being continue throwing tantrums and using melt-downs and the usual tactics children employ to get you to cave.

They’ll keep doing it… and they’ll get better at it.

By now, I’ve shown you how easy parenting can be and it’s out of my hands at this point.

Now, YOU decide whether you’ll take charge and set the rules for HOW they behave - or let your small being rule the roost.

Up to you…

Claim your audio training, your access to The 3 Magic Phrases for Ending Tantrums and Restoring Peace In Your Home now.

Yes, I Want the 3 Magic Phrases Now for $27!

Look, I’ve been at it for 20+ years and I’ve helped thousands of parents just like you transform their children’s behavior… You’re not alone in this.

“You're a behavior angel from Heaven! Thank you Dr. Marcie! I am telling all my friends about you!”

—Mother of a 9-year-old

“Your advice worked like a charm. A very tired pregnant working mom (and dad) thank you!”


“Dr. Marcie is a miracle worker! Our friends and relatives cannot believe the amazing transformation that has taken place and his father and I are overjoyed! To say that we recommend Dr. Marcie highly is the greatest of understatements.”

—Stepmom of 3.5-year-old

“Things are going really well with our family, and our son's aggression at school has disappeared. We instituted a "no yelling" policy at home… This rule has transformed our family life!

—Mother of a 4-year-old boy

We are beyond grateful to Dr. Marcie --
she is a miracle worker! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to understand and improve their children's behaviors. She taught us just what we needed in order to deal with our overly aggressive two-year-old… we truly feel like we have a different child at home and it is all thanks to what she taught us. Thank you!


Well, there you have it. The training you’re getting today just plain WORKS.

 I look forward to hearing about the behavior transformations you experience with your small beings as you get the real results this training delivers for you.
It’s time to take your parenting power back into your hands.
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About Dr. Marcie

For almost 20 years  Dr. Marcie has worked privately with thousands of families, taking on the most challenging cases out there.

She has effective and tested strategies for today’s parents to regain control of their children and their life.

Dr. Marcie is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctorate, Doctorate for Teacher’s College, Columbia University, and New York State Certification as a special Education Teacher and Administrator.

She’s also a columnist at New York Parenting and has recently been a guest expert on NBC, Fox, and Pix11.

All this to say…

Dr. Marcie Knows What She’s Talking About

 Your child’s behavior isn’t unique. It’s not new. And it’s also not permanent... IF you take ownership of your power to change it.
You just need the right tools and that’s exactly what I’m giving you today.

If you’ve read this far, you probably need some help.

What are you waiting for?

For things to get a little bit worse? For one more embarrassing freak-out?

Another public outburst? More judgmental stares from strangers who don’t get the legitimate struggle you’ve been enduring?

Take action now, end tantrums once and for all, and restore peace in your home.

It’s time.

Yes, I Want the 3 Magic Phrases Now for $27!
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